Got CSV?

If your data is relatively small (say, 10M nodes and relationships), you can load it from a series of CSV files. The Cypher language's LOAD CSV function allows you to specify a URL from which to load data and customize the way that data is handled as its imported.

Connect using Neo4j Browser

The easiest way to run LOAD CSV against your Neo4j Cloud database is to launch the Neo4j Browser. On your Neo4j Cloud Console, click "Open Neo4j Browser" for your target database.

This will open the Neo4j Browser for your target database in a new window.

Enter your password to connect.

Once connected, you'll be able to execute Cypher against your Neo4j Cloud database.

Load CSV from file?

The documentation for LOAD CSV talks a lot about loading data from a file on the database server. With Neo4j Cloud, however, there is no server -- just a scalable Bolt endpoint. Here's where LOAD CSV's FROM [url] comes in handy.

Loading CSVs from URLs

You can instruct LOAD CSV to retrieve files from FTP, HTTP, or HTTPS servers.

One particularly easy way to accomplish this is to place your CSV files in an Amazon AWS S3 Bucket and then make that Bucket into a static HTTP server. Amazon has some good documentation on this.

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